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Stucchi Hydraulic Solutions

Stucchi is recognized worldwide for providing industry leading hydraulic solutions with superior quick connect and disconnect couplings. We have over 60 years of experience in providing fluid connections and control with forward thinking problem solving analysis driving our innovative product solutions. Our skilled engineers combine ongoing research and development with decades of expertise and the latest in technological advancements to deliver quick connect solutions that outperform the competition.

We are a valued supplier to OEMs worldwide with fluid power products and hydraulic solutions that are simple yet effective, durable yet versatile, and long lasting with high-quality components. You can have confidence in our decades of experience and the expertise of our engineers to provide the most reliable and effective connection solutions available.

Stucchi provides experienced ongoing technical support to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of your fluid control and connection system. We are committed to process improvement through the safe, fast and efficient use of hydraulic fluid control solutions.

Stucchi is Your Solution Source for Hydraulics

Stucchi is set apart from the competition, known as a leader in first to market hydraulic solutions, based on proactive, innovative product development. Rather than react to marketplace needs, we partner with our customers to create solutions to specific needs driving the market with technologically advanced quick connect and disconnect components.

Stucchi provides customized design and development of connection solutions for non-standard or challenging configurations. When you need customized solutions, Stucchi delivers with engineers experienced in all applications requiring reliable connection, such as:


We are dedicated to improving your operation with efficient use of quick disconnect couplings. We provide in-depth process analysis to help determine your ROI over the short and long-term. Our hydraulic connection solutions help to meet deadlines and keep you on schedule with improved efficiency and elimination of downtime and shutdowns due to leakage.

Our wide selection of standard components available from our large North American inventory allows for on-time delivery across a multitude of industrial applications, with a prompt response to customer needs. We are just as quick to respond to your specific requirements when you need custom development of quick connect and disconnect processes to meet your specifications. Stucchi provides connection solutions to keep you working and on schedule.

Stucchi is a leading global supplier of quick connect and disconnect solutions with high quality couplers, multi-coupling plates and components. We offer extensive experience with in-depth design and analysis to provide the right connection and fluid control components that will deliver enhanced performance and safety to your application. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about our customized connection and fluid control hydraulic solutions.